Gray Dove is dedicated to fostering independent voices by helping individuals tell their stories in print and digital media.  By elevating individual points of view, we hope to encourage increased understanding and empathy through books, videos, podcasts, blogs, and websites that educate and enlighten.

Patricia Crotty, Gray Dove’s editor-in-chief, has more than 25 years of experience writing, editing, and developing content for print and online media.

As a freelance editor, she has edited memoirs and other non-fiction works, as well as fiction, short stories, and poetry.

She began her career as a newspaper reporter, then worked as a project director for educational print at WGBH, Boston, where she oversaw development of teacher guides and student materials for grades K-12, as well as college and adult learners. 

As a multimedia producer for Mazer Digital Media, Illumina Interactive, Prentice Hall, and 360KID, she developed multimedia projects for educational and general audiences.

Studying literature and writing with literary critic Marvin Mudrick at the College of Creative Studies at U.C. Santa Barbara taught her that the best writing doesn’t have to follow any specific rules, as long as it is heart-felt and authentic.

“For me, the most interesting fact about the writing of fiction, and I think this is not true of any other artistic medium: you are all experts. You don’t know it but you are. And you’re experts for a very simple reason–because you’re in command of the medium, which is ordinary colloquial speech. I mean that’s where it all comes from – you’re all masters of that.” (—Marvin Mudrick, literary critic and teacher)