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We are excited to announce the upcoming launch in December, 2021, of Grace Street: A Sister’s Memoir of Grief & Gratitude, by Maureen Callahan Smith.

From the first out-of-the-blue diagnosis of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma to her valiant and tender end, Kathy’s story is told by her sister, who accompanied her through it all.

     A story of two sisters at midlife, interwoven with humor and fierce family loyalty as they navigate life and enjoy the markers: a son’s prom night, a beautiful wedding, a family beach day.           

     Smith describes with heartfelt candor the big and small moments that make up a life, in hospital corridors and around the family dinner table, juxtaposing the realities of illness and medical care with family ties and love.

     The story shows us that the effort to keep our hearts open, even while facing the worst, can yield an experience of love and depth of connection that is life at its most meaningful.

Smith draws on her experience as a clinical social worker and her background in meditation and other spiritual traditions to find insight and solace in difficult moments. Somehow, facing the hardest thing she’s ever faced opens her to the deepest gratitude and appreciation of life, with all of its beauty and pain.

Stay tuned for updates on when Grace Street will be available!

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