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Grace Street: A Sister’s Memoir of Grief & Gratitude

We are happy to announce the upcoming launch in December of Grace Street: A Sister’s Memoir of Grief & Gratitude, by Maureen Callahan Smith.

When a diagnosis of cancer upends her sister’s life, author Maureen Callahan Smith and her family find themselves having to map the way forward through the unknown. In the end, it’s a path they seem to know by heart.

Smith draws on her experience as a clinical social worker and her background in meditation and other spiritual traditions to find insight and solace in difficult moments. Somehow, facing the hardest thing she’s ever faced opens her to the deepest gratitude and appreciation of life, with all of its beauty and pain.

From Grace Street:

“Things that look like walls can turn out to be windows that we fly through because we must, becoming on the way a different person. . . . Heartbroken as I was, I felt a deep and completely unanticipated knowing that accompanying Kathy in whatever way I had was something my life had been meant for. And I could recognize, lucky me.”